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  • Webzen’s ‘Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN)’ Open beta session in Taiwan
    - Webzen, Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN,) open beta starting on December 20
    - Overseas revenue expected to increase with the sale of the ‘OBT Package’
    - Successful service anticipated after a great response from previous two close beta
    Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN-戰魂) will start open beta service in Taiwan on December 20.
    Webzen has previously launched two close beta sessions since last October in Taiwan, and eager to continues its position as the leader of the MMORPG market with Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN-戰魂).
    Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN-戰魂)’s ‘OBT Package’ will be sold, with the start of the open beta service.
    Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN-戰魂)’s ‘OBT Package’ is composed of the OBT connection client and in-game item. Users in Taiwan, who don’t have a good internet environment like Korea, will able to play the game more easily, and will have a chance to undergo various experiences through this package. A total of 120,000 packages will be sold, and through the positive response received from the two close beta sessions, Webzen expects more than 90% sale.
    Webzen’s CEO Nam Ju Kim said, “During the close beta session, we received a lot of compliments
    about our brilliant graphics, thrilling striking effect, and grand music. With the sale of the ‘OBT package’, 
    we are expecting a considerable increase in overseas revenue.
    Also, Webzen Inc. has established a specialized operating team in order to satisfy the Taiwan users’ needs, and is currently providing information about the game on the Taiwan Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN-戰魂) official website. (www. soulultimatenation.com.tw)

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