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  • Webzen signs technical cooperation MOU with Intel Korea
    - Webzen’s online games to provide more vivid game environment with Intel’s multi-core technology
    Webzen signed a technical cooperation MOU with Intel Korea on March 14, 2007. The MOU was established so that we can provide optimized service in the changing computer environment associated with the spread of multi core technology, and that our users have no problems enjoying our games in the best environment.
    Our game ‘Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN)’ has already been optimized based on the Dual-core processor, and we are planning to integrate multi-core technology and conduct testing to our other games under development, and expect to provide improved functions.
    Meanwhile, both companies, bedsides the technology cooperation, are planning to establish cooperation relations in various fields by sharing Intel’s education program on core technology evolution and developing various joint marketing promotions.

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