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  • Shot Online Announces the RE-NEW Update
    WEBZEN released the RE-NEW update of its classic Online MMO golf game Shot Online.
    The main highlight of this update is the newly added Golf Club content. It is a new feature which allows players over level 190 to receive extra benefits. Players can enjoy co-player rounding with the Rounding Acquaintance system to earn A-points, which can be used to combine items. In addition, Golf Club provides a training system where players can manage their characters. Players will be rewarded with various items once the training is successfully completed.
    To celebrate the new update, special events have been organized by the Shot Online team. During the event period, a 20% EXP bonus will be given to players so they can quickly level up in order to unlock the Golf Club content faster. After unlocking this new feature, players can receive gifts such as One Point Lesson Ticket +500, Artifact Pouch, Blessed Legend Craft Hammer, and more just by posting a screenshot of the content on the forum and leveling up in the Golf Club.
    Along with this update, several renewals have been made to enhance gameplay. New golf courses, Dino Park and Volcano, have been added to the Miniature Mode. The update also provides new items and optimizations on physics issues, object transparency, and more. Moreover, in-game content like the NPC Shop, Item Mall, Course Drop Box, and Item Recipe System have been renewed.
    Following the update, renewal, Lost and Found, and more events will be available for players. Each event is composed with special item rewards including the Gold Platinum Membership (30 days), Legend Change Ember, and much more.
    The date for the update varies depending on the area; EU will be updated on April 21st (CET), and the US on April 22nd (PST). For more information on the specific details of the latest updates, features, and ongoing events, players are invited to visit Shot Online’s official website at: https://shotonline.gamescampus.com/events/en/renew and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/shotonlinegolf/

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