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  • MU Origin Introduces Genesis War in its 13.0 Update
    WEBZEN released the latest 13.0 update of its mobile MMORPG MU Origin.
    In the new update, MU Origin will be presenting warriors with a new survival feature, Genesis War. Players over Reverse level 30 can experience the real-time PvP content, which consists of five floors. On each floor, you can fight and kill other players to earn points. Players will be able to move onto the next floor once they reach the designated kill count on each floor. The more you survive, the more you will be rewarded with special and exclusive gifts.
    Additionally, try out Ruins Assault, the new guild content, to be the strongest of all. Guilds higher than level 3 can enter to defeat the bosses on each floor. In order to advance to the next floor, be the top guild that has made the most damage to the Ruins Assault boss. The damage given to the boss will be accumulated, and the guild that has earned the highest damage point will be the final winner.
    Following these updates, various features have been included to make your character stronger. First, by surviving the Genesis War, players can acquire seal items to enhance their mount. The Mount Seals are composed of five types of Reverse Seals: Light, Dark, Nature, Spirit, and Chaos, so level up these seals to strengthen your character. Second, receive Hero Runes by participating in the Ruins Assault. Using Hero Runes will support your Hero to grow stronger.
    In addition, a new clan-based battle content, Dark Cave, will be updated. Dark Cave will be held on a seasonal basis, where participants can receive daily and seasonal rewards with Clan Points that are earned through battles. Be aware that Clan Points can also be deducted by losing battles, so try your best to defeat the competitor as much as you can.
    Furthermore, level cap increase, Reverse Stone unequip function, additional slots for Soulgem inventory, and more improvements have been made in this update. For more details, the MU Origin 13.0 Update Trailer is now available on the official WEBZEN YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/f7H1kA-0xEs
    MU Origin is available for free in both the App Store and Google Play. For more information on new features and events, players are invited to check out MU Origin's official website at: http://muorigin.webzen.com, and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/MUOriginWEBZEN/

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