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  • Webzen Launches KnightWeGo, MU character’s art toy globally
    Webzen announced a collaboration with Sentinel Co.,Ltd. for KnightWeGo, MU character’s art toy.
    Sentinel is a Japanese company specialized in planning of toys, figures, miscellaneous goods, prototype production, manufacturing and production management.
    Webzen has collaborated with Sentinel to design a new art toy called ‘KnightWeGo’ by combining one of the famous MU characters ‘Dark Knight’ and Sentinel’s action figure ‘35MechatroWeGo’.
    Pre-ordering of KnightWeGo will be available starting on the 12th of February on multiple online shopping sites, including Amazon and Toys To Art for two months. The item is expected to ship in July.
    KnightWeGo will be unveiled in the upcoming Wonder Festival 2019 held in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to Japan, KnightWeGo will be showcased in the 2019 Toy Fair, an annual international toy industry trade show held mid-February in New York City. The event is open to the toy trade only ? toy industry professionals, retailers, and press representatives.
    MODERHYTHM, the designer of KnightWeGo and the Mechatrorobot series commented, "When I first saw Dark Knight, one of the MU characters, I thought it would be very challenging to combine with MechatroWeGo. He added: I’ve focused on simplifying the graphics of high-end games to fit the design in order to produce it as an art toy, so I hope you appreciate my new work of KnightWeGo in the overall atmosphere of MU between Dark Knight and MechatroWeGo.
    Webzen is currently working on diverse collaborations with potential partners to extend its reach through IP collaboration with the toy and webtoon industry.
    For further details on Webzen’s IP business and partnership, visit the official Webzen website: http://company.webzen.com/en/business/businesspartnership
    For more information on Webzen’s games, interested players are invited to check out WEBZEN's official website at: www.webzen.com and the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/webzengames/

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