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  • MU Origin’s v9.0 content update “Devilish Treasure” is now live
    WEBZEN released today the latest 9.0 update of its real-time mobile MMORPG MU Origin.
    This 9.0 update brings to MU Origin the new PvP Clan battle ‘Devilish Treasure’, Clan Battle Royal, Clan Chase, Clan Pet, Demonic Hallow, and much more.
    Devilish Treasure is an all-server, real-time five-round PvP Clan battle where new challenges await all players to get the best treasure. Devilish Treasure takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays from 21:30 to 22:00.
    The MU Origin 9.0 update also adds Clan Battle Royal, an all-server PvP content where Clans fight each other to become the last Clan standing, running every Monday and Thursday at the same time. Following Clan Battle Royal Rules, up to 3 Clans can be matched in the Clan Battle Royal with 4 phases - Entry, Peace, Battle, and Demonic. During the Battle phase, players will be switched to PvP mode and can attack the opposing Clan. The Battle Royal ends when only 1 Clan remains, earning the victor both Season rewards and daily rewards such as Individual first victory, Victory rewards, Participation rewards, and the Exclusive Warrior Emblem accessory.
    In addition to Clan Battle Royal mode, a lot of Clan-based content such as Clan Chase, Clan Pet, Hall of Clan and Clan Activity Points have been newly added to the game. For full details on these new features, interested players can head over to the official forums to read through the update’s patch notes.
    Furthermore, Demonic Hallow allows players to strengthen their Reverse options once they have completed the main quest Ancient Legend at Rebirth 10. Demonic Hallow lets users upgrade Demonic Horn, Demonic Feather, and Demonic Eye, by 20 tiers and 200 Star Grades in order to overpower their enemies.
    This 9.0 update also includes a level-cap increase, several tweaks, optimizations, and fixes in MU Origin. For more details on the update, the MU Origin 9.0 Update Trailer is now available on the official WEBZEN YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/2cGPGArBfrU

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