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MU Legend OBT: 3v3 PvP Battle Launches Today, Guild Wars Update Comes in January
WEBZEN proudly announces the release today of PvP content for its well-acclaimed ARPG MU Legend. The release comes just 1 month after the official OBT launch and is WEBZEN's first update for the game. The highly anticipated first set of PvP features is now unlocked, enabling players worldwide to compete in fast-paced, cross-server 3v3 battles. The cross-server functionality enables players in specific regions to challenge players from other servers in the same region. In addition to the new PvP content, this update includes technical fixes. Players can find out more in the patch notes at: http://mulegend.webzen.com/en/News/Notice/patch-notes-05-12-2017-1430490 Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin, comments: "Today is an exciting day for MU Legend! This patch introduces the first additional content after our successful OBT release, bringing the thrill of team fights and a new PvP dimension to the game!" Alongside the launch of the new content, WEBZEN also reveals a January update that marks MU Legend's next important milestone on its way to official release. Dennis Czybulka continues: "We greatly encourage our players to sharpen their skills on this new PvP system. The fact is, their PvP training will be invaluable when the next content update arrives, which includes the one and only Guild Wars feature: Resilient strength, cunning strategy and a fierce desire for victory are what count in this deadly battle. Luck will be a spectator while skills will prevail." During the week, the MU Legend team will jump into the arena and offer some fun PvP challenges for players. The matches will be streamed on MU Legend's Twitch channel, which can be accessed here: https://wbzn.co/Webzen_Twitch Hundreds of thousands of players have already tried the global OBT, which is available in English, French, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, German and Polish. Players are being reminded that this OBT will have NO WIPE, hence all characters from the OBT will stay available indefinitely. To play today and to learn more about MU Legend, visit: http://muLegend.webzen.com/en. Players are also invited to discuss the game and join the official Facebook community at: http://facebook.com/MULegendGlobal.