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  • MU Online Announces the New Speed Arcadia Server
    WEBZEN announced today that its classic MMORPG MU Online’s new Speed Arcadia Server is now open to players.
    An event server, Speed Arcadia, will be open for a week to allow players to quickly level up their character with extra EXP. During this period, a level-up event will be held which will also provide special rewards such as an Armor Set, Wing, Weapon, and more as level milestones are hit to enhance gameplay.
    Additionally, the MU Online team has organized a Challenge Event where players can receive a variety of gifts such as Elite Healing and Mana Potions, Bless of Light, Jewel of Chaos and Creation, and much more. In order to receive the gifts, all players need to do is play on the new Speed Arcadia Server and accumulate play time.
    After enjoying the Speed Arcadia Server, a free server transfer coupon will be available for all players and can only be used to transfer to the new Arcadia server. When transferring to Arcadia, players will have the corresponding level they achieved on the speed event server. According to the level achieved, rewards such as vault expansion, Skeleton Ring and Pet, or Guardian Elf Muun and Gold Channel Ticket will be given to players.
    As the new Arcadia server opens on March 31st (UTC), exciting events, such as the Arcadia Awakening Event, will be available for players. Players can receive various gifts by simply creating a character and leveling up on the new server.
    Furthermore, special offers such as Speed Up Packages, Selected Items, and more are now available to purchase in the in-game shop. 
    For more information on the latest updates, features, and ongoing events, players are invited to check out MU Online’s official website at: http://muonline.webzen.com/events/speedserver/arcadia and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/MUWEBZEN/

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