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Let’s Spread Fun
Across the World!

Let’s Spread Fun Across the World!

WEBZEN IP (Intellectual Property) business?

A new, mutually beneficial business model in which WEBZEN shares a part or all of its IP to partner companies with technology/business capacities to share the maximum profit at the minimum cost.

  • ‘MU Origin’ Google PLAY / iOS App Store - TOP 10 Sales Record for 1 Year See in detail
  • Fever of MU IP, WEBZEN Finds a New Way to Overseas Markets See in detail
  • WEBZEN 'MU Online' IP Partnership, Mobile Game 'MU Origin' Records 4.6 Billion Won in Only 13 Hours See in detail
  • WEBZEN 'MU' IP Partnership with China, Web Game MU Ignition Scores 16.5 Billion Won Sales See in detail
  • The Top Revenue Earning App Publishers for 2015 See in detail
  • Webzen – Global publisher officially enters mobile games market See in detail
  • Success Case of IP Mobile Game, Innovative Path of <MU Origin> See in detail
  • WEBZEN Highly Praises 37WAN's <MU Ignition>: Model Case of IP Utilization See in detail
  • WEBZEN(MU) Files onto the Global Stage See in detail

Available Scope for Business Partnership Offers

For all works in which WEBZEN owns the authority to copyright, publishing and development, we are looking to find mutual benefit in all IP-related areas including game publishing, game development partnership, merchandising and IP-based contents business partnership and more.

  • Manufacturing character products including figures, stationery goods, toys, etc.(merchandising)
  • Global Portal WEBZEN.com partnership(marketing offer and PG partnership)
  • Creating scenario-based contents including movie, animation, webtoon, art book and novel(derivative works)
  • Distributed information processing on web, server connection, security and more.
  • Game development licensing based on WEBZEN's IP (e.g. MU Origin, MU Ignition)
  • Publishing partnership for games developed or published by WEBZEN
  • PC, Web browser, Mobile game publishing offer through WEBZEN

Business Partnership Inquiries/Offers

If you have inquiries or offers regarding business partnership, please send us. We will review the submission and respond promptly.

Please submit inquiries or offers regarding business partnership.

We will review the submissions promptly and respond in detail.

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