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  • MU ORIGIN 2 brings Integrated Server Guild Battleground in the latest update
    WEBZEN has released the latest 6.1 update for its mobile MMORPG MU ORIGIN 2.
    With the arrival of its latest version, MU ORIGIN 2 introduces a cross-server guild battle called Integrated Server Guild Battleground, where players can experience thrilling guild battles to find out which guild is the strongest of all the servers.
    At the Integrated Server Guild Battleground, only the top 128 Guilds that have donated the most Battleground Badges can participate, and rewards of the Integrated Server Guild Battleground will be sent to their in-game mailbox after the event ends.
    The 6.1 update also includes the new Order system that allows players to join an Order and gather allies to strengthen their ties and fight battles together. When joining the Order, exclusive Order Titles can be acquired, and new titles can be acquired depending on the levels reached. In addition to the titles, the Order system allows players to upgrade their Order level and skill level.
    With this new update patch, new Guardian pets such as Bat Prince and Blue Princess have been added along with the new Guardian Pet’s Resurrection and Equipment features which allow players to equip their pets with armor and resurrect them to obtain bonus powers.
    In addition to the above features, the new Deify Shield feature that allows players to fortify their Divine Shield using gems acquired from the Divine Tower has been added. The new Spirit will also allow players to unleash Spirit for bonus elemental properties. 
    Furthermore, the new Elemental Refinement content, skill changes, several tweaks, optimizations, and fixes are now available in MU ORIGIN 2. 
    MU ORIGIN 2 is available over on the Google Play and App Store in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. To learn more about MU ORIGIN 2, players can visit the official website: https://muorigin2.webzen.com/ and participate in the latest events and giveaways on the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MUOrigin2Global/

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