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  • MU Archangel adds new Dark Lord class with the new update
    WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of PC and mobile games, announced that its mobile MMORPG, ‘MU Archangel’ received a new update which adds the new class ‘Dark Lord’ into the game on iOS and Android platforms.
    Along with the Dark Lord Update, MU Archangel will take players back into the world of the popular MU franchise. The Dark Lord is a new advanced male class which features an explosive damage, receiving both the protection of the light and the darkness of salvation. 
    The newly added Dark Lord class can be created when players reach a character of level 300 or higher on the server. Also, players who have the ‘Advanced Dark Lord Class Switch Card’ and the ‘Dark Lord Class Switch Card’ can switch their character to the Dark Lord Class.
    Players can build up their character specializing in Strength or Energy. The Strength Dark Lord has the forces of darkness on his side and high affinity with the elements, leading to an explosive attack. On the other hand, the Energy Dark Lord has strong viability and can reinforce his army with a buff containing the power of shining light.
    This new update also welcomes a new NPC, the Mysterious Merchant, who appears every Wednesday to the left of the pub in Lorencia. The Mysterious Merchant will give players Mystic and other items, or exchange their rare items for Garnets. The Garnets and Diamonds Shop on the Mysterious Shop are available every Wednesday from 11:00 to 24:00 (game server time) and the products available in each shop are different according to the players’ level.
    With this update, players can battle terrifying Elemental Chaos monsters to protect the peace of the MU continent in the new Elemental Chaos dungeon, which opens twice a day. Along with this addition, new features including the Elemental Upgrade system, the Elemental Amplification system, Elemental Set options and fancy effects have been added to the game.
    Furthermore, another new Elemental Altar dungeon will be unlocked after reaching Master Lv. 250. There are Grand and Small Crystals in the Elemental Altar Dungeon where players need to protect the crystal from the constantly appearing monsters. At the end of the Elemental Altar, the higher the health of the Grand Crystal, the greater the reward. Players can also enter a new raid three times a day to defeat the powerful BOSS of Kalima.
    The update also adds a new Mount Evolution system which allows Mounts to become more fashionable and colorful through the evolution function. Finally, the new Angel Pass, which can be found in the upper right corner of the game on [Angel Pass] after reaching level 100, will continue to support players in their gameplay with Angel Buffs and rewards.
    MU Archangel’s global version is currently available to download on the Google Play Store and App Store in Southeast Asia countries, in English, Thai and Chinese. To learn more about the latest news and ongoing events, visit the official website: https://muarchangel.webzen.com and discuss the game and participate in the latest events, contests and giveaways on the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MUarchangelSEAofficial 

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