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  • MU Online Season 17 Part 2 Update is Now Live
    January 31 2023
    WEBZEN has released its classic PC MMORPG MU Online’s Season 17 Part 2 Update.
    Season 17 Part 2 is packed with new content including a new explorable area called ‘Kanturu Underground’, 5th Mastery Accessories ‘Earrings of Allurement’, a level-cap increase, various in-game events, and special sales.
    The brand-new area, Kanturu Underground, is an enormous hidden underground which was discovered by Arca scholars who excavated ancient Kanturu artifacts, and it is a challenging area that can be entered from character level 1,190.
    The Season 17 Part 2 Update also adds a new set option of 5th Mastery accessories called ‘Earrings of Allurement’ to the game, along with a level-cap increase to level 1,450.
    To celebrate the launch of Season 17 Part 2, WEBZEN will be running various in-game events until February 21st.
    First, the newly updated Kanturu Underground will allow players to collect Elemental Symbols (Fire/Water/Earth/Wind/Darkness) from the elemental monsters. After collecting them, players can go to the NPC Lahap to combine the Elemental Symbols to acquire the Elemental Box containing rare items such as Errtel Emblem, Elemental Rune, Excellent Socket Necklace, and much more.
    With the level cap increase to Lv. 1,450, players who reach character level 1,400 will earn a limited-edition ‘Elemental Elf Muun’ as the Season Level Reward through the NPC Gremory Case. When Elemental Elf Muun is equipped, +10 Elemental DEF stats will be added, and 20 times base stats are applied for 30 days.
    During the event period, +8 to +15 Mastery Accessory Upgrade Success Rate has been increased by 20%. MU Online will also offer players an extra 30% EXP and a reduction of 20% in Monster HP in the game.
    In the game, players will be able to save their Update Points to exchange for amazing gifts including Gold Channel Ticket, Wings of Authority, Talisman of Ascension II, Master Seal of Ascension, and more. 
    Lastly, the Lapidary Stone Ranking Event is now live. Players will have a chance to obtain the 5th Mastery Accessories by earning Ranking Points, and Top 200 Ranking Point rankers will get special prizes such as +0 Earring of Allurement(+3Option), +0 Earring of Allurement(+2Option), +0 Earring of Blood(+3Option) and Lapidary Stone.
    On top of that, Lapidary Stone Box Sales, Illuminating Earring Box Renewal, All-in-One Package, Scroll Package, Booster Box & BOL Sales will await all the MU Online players all over the world.
    Meanwhile, WEBZEN plans to follow up Season 17 Part 2 with an additional content update including the Guardian ? Shining Tale, tweaks to the Fairy class, and much more in February.
    For more of MU Online, visit the official website: https://muonline.webzen.com/events/season17part2#contents and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/MUWEBZEN/

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