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  • MU Archangel adds a new Wing Soul system in the latest update
    February 17 2023
    WEBZEN announced that its mobile MMORPG, MU Archangel received the latest 1.16 update patch on February 16th.
    The latest update introduces a new Wing Soul system where players can upgrade and infuse a Wing Soul into their wings. Wings Souls are accessories that can be equipped to provide additional stat bonuses and change the appearance of the wings.
    Wing Soul content allows players to experience the full power of the Wing Soul in their wings, along with their character. Wing Soul content opens after reaching Master Lv. 350, and players can even upgrade, infuse, and awaken their Wings Soul to increase the power gained from the Option Effects.
    Wing Soul Upgrade requires Flame items such as Faint White Flame, which can be obtained through Daily Packages, and it grants players exclusive Wing Soul options.
    Wing Soul Infusion will allow players to infuse Breath of Phoenix into their Wing Soul and earn a large amount of Soul Infusion options. All tiers and grades of Wing Soul can be infused and each Tier of Wing Soul can be infused up to a 10-Star Rating.
    In addition to the upgrade and infusion, players who reach Master Lv. 350 can awaken the Wing and get outstanding Awakening options as well as Awakening Property Skills which are specialized for PVP battles.
    MU Archangel’s global version is currently available to download on the Google Play Store and App Store in Southeast Asian countries only, in English, Thai, and Chinese. 
    In the official Facebook community, fans of MU Archangel can join the Valentine’s Day event and win rewards such as EXP Potion, Spirituality of Criticality Promotion Scroll, and Jewel of Evolution until February 19th.
    To learn more about MU Archangel’s latest update, players can visit the official website: https://muarchangel.webzen.com  and join the official Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/MUarchangelSEAofficial for the latest game chats and events. 

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