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  • MU Online gets tweaks to the Elf Class, new contents, and in-game events in late
    February 21 2023
    WEBZEN announced that its classic PC MMORPG MU Online received the latest update patch on Season 17 Part 2.
    Following the Season 17 Part 2 Update on January 31, this new patch brings Elf Class Renewal, Elite Zone of Kanturu Underground, 4th Guardian ‘Shining Tail’ with a ton of new in-game events.
    The renewal of the most loved ‘Elf’ class brings faster attacks and stronger skills for the aggressive type and new exclusive shields and buff skills for the support type.
    To celebrate this Elf Class renewal, WEBZEN is running various in-game events. First, all stats/3rd skill tree/4th skill tree will be reset only for Elf classes.
    Starting today until March 13, 24:00(UTC), Elf classes will receive playtime rewards such as Seal of Ascension2(14Days), +11 Bloodangel Mastery Armors(7Days)X2, +11 Bloodangel Mastery Weapon(7Days)X2 depending on MU helper hunting time.
    Players who have an Elf character and then purchase a product listed on Special Sales every week will receive bonus rewards including Gold Channel Ticket, Bless of Light, Scroll Package, and Master Seal of Wealth.
    When creating a new Elf class character during the event period, Pentagram Box to acquire Talisman of Ascension 2 (3 days) will be delivered to the player’s inventory in the game.
    This new update also adds the 4th Guardian ‘Shining Tail’ to the game and unlocks the Elite Zone of Kanturu Underground, which is an enormous hidden underground that can be entered from character level 1,190.
    Starting today until the maintenance on March 14, the special reward in-game items which can be acquired in the Elite Zone of Kanturu Underground, such as such as Elite Change Option Pieces, Sealed Armor Fragments, Golden Crest, and Elite Guardian Upgrade Stone have doubled their drop rates. Monsters also have 20% reduced HP, and 20% reduced Min/Max Elemental Attack.
    In addition, Guardian Upgrade Stones which can be acquired from NPC Moss, Chaos Castle/Blood Castle/Devil Square rewards, and Monster Soul Converter Rewards have doubled drop rate in the game.
    Also, Bloodangel weapon/armor does not disappear after the enchantment fails until +11, and players will be able to mount or extract Seed Sphere items for free without using Jewels.
    On top of that, Jewel of Harmony Refinement Event and Fruit Decrease Stat Reset Event will await all the MU Online players all over the world.
    Lastly, Dimensional Roulette Event and Roulette Point Ranking Event are now live. Players need to use their Goblin Points and get 5 Dimensional Keys to play the Dimensional Roulette for 1 minute to earn a newly added prize, +7 Earring of Blood(Left) +3 Option. 
    Special prizes, such as +0 Blessed Divine Archangel Weapon, +0 Brilliant Armor(+15 Stat +Luck), Ruud, Talisman of Ascension and more will be awarded to Top 200 Roulette Point rankers.
    For more of MU Online, visit the official website: https://muonline.webzen.com/events/season17part2-2 and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/MUWEBZEN/

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