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  • REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM is Now Live on Kickstarter
    March 28 2023
    WEBZEN has announced that its upcoming turn-based tactical RPG, REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM is live on Kickstarter today.
    REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM is an upcoming Indie RPG, developed by Black Anchor, a Korean Indie game studio, and will be released for early access later this year. The game will be available on Steam for Windows PC globally.
    The game is set up so players will immerse themselves into a medieval apocalyptic infestation as they play as a survivor struggling to stay alive. They will be met with challenges, including lacking essential supplies, whilst controlling the battle tactically against the Infested, dangerous creatures that roam the land slaughtering all in their path.
    Along with this crowdfunding campaign, the base-level $10 pledge will earn backers the Steam PC digital copy of REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM.
    In development for PC via Steam, limited access to Development Polls and First Survivor Demo will be allowed to any backer that spends $30 or more.
    The next tier is at $50, which gets their name listed under a “special thanks” credit and access to a Private Discord Channel.
    At $80, backers will receive rewards for their support including Digital Wallpaper, Digital Original Soundtrack and Digital Map. Increasing that pledge to $100 will add Digital Artbook to the rewards.
    Also, backers will have a direct influence by naming a Random NPC in the game with a $200 pledge, and the highest pledge, $300, grants backers a random location on the map, which will be named from backer suggestions.
    After reaching its initial funding goal, the Kickstarter campaign will be running through a long list of stretch goals, such as additional camp activity, a variety of new game features, additional character perks, Narrator and Character Voiceover, and Promised DLC: Another Story-pack with new characters and a whole new storyline, with more on the way. More information is available on the Kickstarter campaign page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/453527978/remore-infested-kingdom-medieval-turn-based-rpg
    Meanwhile, Webzen has unveiled its official Kickstarter trailer to showcase the features and gameplay elements and provide a glimpse into the current state of development for the game. Check out REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM Kickstarter Trailer on the official Webzen YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/k9V9ZjpmQ4g
    To learn more about REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM, players can Wishlist the game on Steam and join the official Facebook page and follow REMORE’s Twitter account for updates.

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