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  • REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM’s Official Website is Now Live
    May 09 2023
    WEBZEN announced today that the official website for its upcoming PC game, REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM, is now available.
    Following the opening of the Steam Store page for the game in March, WEBZEN kicked off the release of the official website, which includes exciting info such as game story, key features, screenshots, video, and developer team introduction.
    Developed by Black Anchor, a Korean Indie game studio, REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM is a tactical, turn-based, gothic horror that takes place in a forsaken medieval land where a band of survivors must work together to fend off the coming swarm of Infested.
    Players will be struggling to stay alive by using different types of historical weapons, throwing stones to attract the attention of the Infested or setting up a tall barricade to prevent from being spotted.
    The game will also keep players engaged with challenges, including the lack of essential supplies, whilst they strive to control the battle tactically against the Infested, dangerous creatures that roam the land slaughtering all in their path.
    Players can cook the food they have collected, and consuming a fair amount of food will heal the damage received and grant a decent bonus in the next battle.
    Players will also need to team up with The Blacksmith, the most important NPC in the camp, to craft, repair, reinforce and upgrade their weapons, which is the key to progression, as well as to gain access to many essential tools.
    REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM will be available on Steam for Windows PC worldwide, and the first demo version of the game is set to become available to global Indie gamers this Summer, ahead of Early Access later this year. 
    To showcase this upcoming game to players in the form of a demo, passionate developers in the studio have been hard at work on the development of the game. 
    In the meantime, interested Indie gamers can wishlist the game and check out DEV notes on Steam. More details such as the latest news, announcement, and gameplay footages are now available on the official Facebook page and Twitter account. 

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