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  • MU Online’s latest update adds new Artifact Equipment
    August 29 2023
    WEBZEN has announced the latest update patch for its long-running classic PC MMORPG, MU Online.
    WEBZEN has released the third update of MU Season 18 Part 1 today, bringing in new features, tweaks, and events.
    The latest update introduces the new Artifact Equipment into the game. Earned through the New Baruka Event, Artifacts can be equipped on characters to provide them with power mightier than anything ever seen before. Players can also collect the scattered fragments and combine the hexagon artifact fragments to obtain various and rare options as well as up to a 100 Stats increase.
    The update also adds a new event zone, Group Boss Battle Event, allowing players to team up with up to 40 characters to hunt down terrifying boss monsters for a variety of rewards such as Jewel of Harmony Box and Group Boss Battle Bonus Box.
    There will be tweaks in the Fortress of the Imperial Guardian: Baruka Event Map, including a new entry level (Level 1,000 or higher) and changes in event map progress and rewards. Players will be able to earn the new artifact rewards and fragments only through the renewed Fortress of the Imperial Guardian: Baruka Event.
    In addition to these new features, the MU Online team is running the third round of Season 18 Part 1 Update Celebration Events along with new bonus rewards.
    Starting today until before the maintenance on September 19, the drop rate of special items only available in the Elite Zone of Ignis Volcano will be doubled, and Monster HP in the Ignis Volcano will be decreased by 20% and MIN/MAX Elemental Attack will be decreased by 20%.
    Maze of Dimensions rewards also will be doubled, and Maze of Dimensions monsters hunting EXP will be increased by 30%. 
    During the event period, +8~+15 accessory upgrade success rate will be increased by 20%.
    Players also can collect Gemstones dropped from monsters and refine them into Jewel of Harmony via NPC Eplis.
    At the event page of the official website, there will be the Update Point Shopping Event, giving players a new mission to collect Update Points by logging in to the game for 1 hour to exchange them for Bless of Light (Greater), Wing of Angel and Devil, Talisman of Ascension II, Gold Channel Ticket and more. 
    Additionally, the Lapidary Stone Ranking Event will offer players a chance to earn Ranking Points by opening the Lapidary Stone Box, and players ranked in the Top 200 Ranking Point will get special prizes such as +0 Earring of Allurement(+3Option), +0 Earring of Allurement(+2Option), +0 Earring of Blood(+3Option) and Lapidary Stone.
    This update also includes more Season 18 Update Celebration Sales for Artifact Package, Lapidary Stone Box, Premium Package and Pink Scroll Package.
    For more details of MU Online and ongoing events, visit the official website: https://muonline.webzen.com/en/events/season18part1-3 and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/MUWEBZEN/

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