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  • PC Golf MMO ‘SHOT ONLINE’ kicks off 2024 Season 1 with Speed Jumping Event
    April 24 2024
    WEBZEN, publisher of the online free-to-play game portal GamesCampus has announced that its classic online golf game ‘SHOT ONLINE’ brings various in-game events for the community in the latest update.
    The first Speed Jumping Event of 2024 welcomes players to boost their level with more benefits and rewards.
    Starting today until May 21, players will be able to pick up their free Speed Jumping Book 1 from NPC Ceridwen with their desired character, and level up to a maximum of 5 more levels.
    With the Speed Jumping Book 1, players from level 71 to 3,000 can complete each of 6 quests, including ‘Defeat GM Launcelot’, ‘Achieve 30 Birdies or better on EXP Happy Course’, ‘Participate int the WRT 1 time’ and more to receive +50% amount of EXP or +100% amount of EXP.
    In addition, players can craft Speed Jumping Book 2 by opening the Item Recipe System through NPC Meriel or pressing ‘X’ from the keyboard.
    The Item Recipe System also allows players to craft Speed Coins or clubs, clothes, and other useful items from the Speed Jumping Category.
    During the same period, WEBZEN is hosting a Cumulative Attendance Event where players can check-in continuously and get various daily rewards, including Speed Coin Pouch, Smart Ball Marker AA 10, Advanced Courage Token Exchange Ticket and much more.
    EXP Bonus Event offers extra EXP on Happy Course and the increase in EXP bonus varies by each course. Especially for the weekend, players will be able to join and get 30% extra EXP on Happy Course until May 19.
    With this update, a new open tour schedule ? from 05:00 to 06:00 - will be added to game and will be running until May 21.
    New character cumulative attendance event along with new character level support rewards -Speed Coin Pouch, G2 Reinforcement Ticket, Grace Vela VIP Card etc. ? will be prepared for beginning players.
    Only new created characters during the event period can participate in the cumulative attendance event and unlock the most essential items to boost their level, such as Speed Coin Pouch, Caddie package, Luxury Ticket 7 days. While boosting their level, players between Lv21 and Lv200 will be able to complete a mission for every hole to receive boost EXP rewards.
    On top of that, Secret Wide 2 EXP UP!, Relay EXP Mission Event, Item Consume Event will keep players entertained while playing a realistic golf online.
    Shot Online is a massively multiplayer online golf game which has been running for 18 years worldwide. The competitive mechanics and realistic golf gameplay are what make Shot Online the exciting game it is, with community interaction, competitive tournaments and character progression, alongside unique club attributes and enhancements.
    Shot Online is free to download and play on PC at GamesCampus. For more information and details on the latest update and ongoing events, players are invited to visit Shot Online’s official website at: https://shotonline.gamescampus.com/events/en/speedjumping and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/shotonlinegolf/ 

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