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  • MU Online opens the Speed Server to welcome the upcoming New Server - ‘Ydalir’
    May 21 2024
    WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of PC and mobile games, has announced that its classic PC MMORPG MU Online’s Speed Server is now live in preparation for the upcoming Ydalir Server.
    The Speed Server provides the fastest path yet for players to quickly level up ahead of the launch of MU Online’s new server, Ydalir.
    In the Speed Server, not only the players can take the fast track to the new maximum level cap of 850, but also can participate in exclusive events and receive generous rewards.
    Prior to the opening of the new server, MU Online team has prepared gifts for all players to make the Speed Server even more pleasurable. [SPEED] +9 BloodAngel Armor set (3Days), Gold Channel Ticket (3Days), [SPEED]+9 Divine Archangel Weapon (3Days) and more items will be given as freebies, which can be obtained simply by logging in to the account.
    The new Ydalir server will go live on June 4, and the character’s class and level achieved in the Speed Server can be transferred to the new Ydalir server. In the meantime, players can take advantage of various events’ rewards and benefits in the Speed Server starting from today until June 18. 
    During the event period, every time the master character levels up, the player earns 100 Ruud automatically from Level 401 - 850, with a maximum of 45,000 Ruud. Furthermore, players who reach Level 800 will be given (Bound) +13 3rd Wings +Luck and 350,000 Ruud as extra rewards.
    After playing in the Speed Server, players can transfer to the new Ydalir server with a transfer ticket from the in-game shop, which will be given once per account for free. 
    Players who reached target levels in the Speed Server will be splurged with level up perks such as Guardian Elf Muun(30Days) and Gold Channel Ticket(28Days) upon transferring to Ydalir server.
    Additionally, all MU Online players can easily receive playtime rewards by playing the game during the event weekend. And finally, players can also claim various benefits from the first purchase event, the level-up ranking event and the limited time offers that include the Speed UP Package.
    For more details of MU Online and ongoing events, visit the official website: https://muonline.webzen.com/en/events/ydalirspeed/benefit and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/MUWEBZEN/

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