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  • MU Archangel’s first update introduces Chrysos World Server
    June 11 2021
    WEBZEN announced that the first content update of its mobile MMORPG MU Archangel goes live today with a new update trailer.
    MU Archangel is a mobile spin-off of the classic PC MMORPG ‘MU Online’ which debuted back in 2001, packed with the nostalgic feel of the original game and more convenient gameplay fit for mobile devices.
    After the game's launch in Southeast Asian countries in May, the first update brings the Chrysos World Server, one of the game’s core pillars of gameplay that allows many players to enjoy the thrill of raids and gather Sacraments such as Blue Orb and Blue Crown with other servers.
    The Chrysos World Server is a cross-server battlefield which is designed to serve as a central hub for players to participate in raids for Elite Monsters named ‘Bone Scorpion’ which appear randomly in the Chrysos World Server map. In addition, BOSS monsters appear on the Chrysos World Server map every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 05:00 of the next day. When BOSS and Elite Monsters are defeated, players can obtain various rare items such as Wing and Pet combination materials.
    The update introduces new secret dungeons titled ‘Kundun’s Seal’ which consist of a Silver Dungeon and a Gold Dungeon where players can earn rare items and EXP in accordance with the required level. When a player’s character reaches level 400 for the first time in each server, the secret dungeon will open at 05:00 the following day. 
    The update also brings the new Potential System to boost the upgrade options of Tier 3 or higher Godly Equipment by using Potential Stones obtained from the dungeons of Kundun’s Seal. When a Potential Option reaches level 4, the Legendary Option will be unlocked to increase the character’s power.
    Furthermore, a level-cap increase from 400 to 500, several tweaks, optimizations, and bug fixes are now available in MU Archangel. For more of new features on the update, the latest update trailer is now available on the official WEBZEN YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/kt6Lp1VdiSw
    MU Archangel is now available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store for free, in English, Thai and Chinese.
    To learn more about news and ongoing events, visit the official website: http://muarchangel.webzen.com and discuss the game and participate in the latest events, contests and giveaways on the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MUarchangelSEAofficial 

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