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  • WEBZEN introduces Shot Online: Golf Battle, available to pre-register for both A
    July 01 2021
    WEBZEN has announced that its upcoming mobile golf game Shot Online: Golf Battle is now available for pre-registration in the United States. 
    Developed by WEBZEN ONNET in celebration of the 17th anniversary of the PC golf MMO, Shot Online, Shot Online: Golf Battle is a new spin-off of the Shot Online series which has been enjoyed by countless players all over the world for more than a decade.
    Shot Online: Golf Battle features real-time golf battles that happen without waiting for the opponent to take their shot. Players will be quickly matched against the best golfers around the world at any time so that they can enjoy a parallel golf battle. 
    With a unique match mode, Survival Mode, players will be able to challenge top golf players in a clash to become the king of the golf world. Starting with 7 other players, the last survivor will get the biggest and best prizes. Through rounds of golf with 8 players, the game will get more and more intense, and the different rules for each match will bring excitement to the competition.
    The game also allows players to make their own clan or join other clans to battle with their clanmates and have a chance to become the best clan in Shot Online: Golf Battle. In addition, amazing golf courses and extreme club effects will be available in the game. 
    Shot Online: Golf Battle for iOS and Android is set to soft launch in United State first in early August before coming to other regions. In the meantime, fans of the Shot Online or golf enthusiasts can pre-register now on the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android, and those who pre-register will get special benefits upon the release. For more information on the pre-registration, visit the official game website: https://sogb.webzen.com/en
    To learn more about Shot Online: Golf Battle, watch the official trailer of the game on the official WEBZEN YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/_uzFpIuWCr8 and make sure to follow the game’s official Facebook page too to stay updated on the latest developments.

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