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  • WEBZEN’s MU-based Webtoon ‘Slave B' Launches on the KAKAO WEBTOON Th
    WEBZEN announces that its webtoon ‘Slave B’ has arrived in Thailand along with the launch of ‘KAKAO WEBTOON Thailand’.
    Written by a well renowned Korean webtoon artist and author Lim-ins, who also wrote the famous webtoon ‘Let's Fight Ghosts’, ‘Slave B’ is a popular webtoon which is based on the story and lore of MU Online, WEBZEN’s popular PC MMORPG.
    Set in the most brutal environment of high school, Slave B tells the story of ‘Niro’ who is a half-elf, half-human boy adopted by slaves. To overcome his social status, he begins to follow in the footsteps of King Muren, who also used to be a slave, by enrolling in the Excanum school and that is where his adventure begins as he starts to experience more of the world.
    Teamed up with STUDIO SANTA CLAUS ENTERTAINMENT, an actor-based entertainment company and producer of movies, television dramas, original soundtrack music, etc., WEBZEN has published their game-based webtoon through the KAKAO WEBTOON platform and expanded its IP (Intellectual Property) franchise business into the global webtoon industry. 
    The Korean webtoon series Slave B has already proven popular in the regions where it is currently available, having racked up to 80 million views globally so far. In Korea, China and France, the series is available on webtoon platforms KakaoPage, Tencent Dongman and Delitoon, respectively.
    Slave B Season 1 is a 50-episode webtoon series. Along with the launch of the series, there are 30 episodes available, and viewers can view the first 10 episodes for free. More episodes will be posted every Thursday. To check out the episodes of Slave B ????????, visit the KAKAO WEBTOON Thailand: https://th.kakaowebtoon.com/content/slave_B_????????/7
    Meanwhile, WEBZEN is consistently working on diverse collaborations with a wide range of creative partners across the world to extend its reach through IP collaboration with a broad collection of PVC figures, webtoons and franchise characters. For more details on WEBZEN’s IP business and partnership, visit the official WEBZEN website: http://company.webzen.com/en/business/businesspartnership
    For more information on WEBZEN’s games, interested players are invited to check out WEBZEN's official website at: http://www.webzen.com/ and the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/webzengames

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