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  • Come One Come All to the Greatest Festival for Webzen’s 12th Anniversary
    WEBZEN announced that its global game portal WEBZEN.COM is hosting a festival to celebrate its 12th Anniversary.
    WEBZEN.COM is turning 12! Come and celebrate at the greatest festival of the year. During the event period, everyone is welcome to visit WEBZEN.COM’s amusement park and participate in the entertaining activities prepared to receive rewards. Plenty of rides are ready at the official website, so collect as many tickets as you can to go on the rides and win many gifts.
    To earn even more ride tickets, all players are encouraged to visit Webzen’s official Facebook page, which also is also celebrating the 12th Anniversary with various events. Participate in the Quiz events to receive awesome in-game items for C9 and MU Online. Also, players can receive Wcoins by joining in the Share event, so share our post and don’t miss this great opportunity.
    In addition, MU Online is running an event to offer players a chance to seize the best benefit ever in celebration of this anniversary. Players can receive a gift package filled with special items to start the new Speed Server. The most notable point about the Speed Server is that two servers are open at the same time to provide enough space for players to level up conveniently. Also, players will be able to transfer to any other server of their choice.
    C9 has also prepared events for the 12th Anniversary. Four new event dungeons: Dimensional Fissure, Bang Turmoil, Evil's Hideout, and The Archery have opened for the players to enjoy. Moreover, extra EXP will be given for defeating monsters and clearing stages, and enhancement rates will be increased for weapons, armors, accessories, and so on during the event period.
    Alongside these events, a special top-up bonus up to 30% and extra gifts will be available to celebrate the anniversary. For more details about the 12th Anniversary events, visit the official website at: https://www.webzen.com/events/Anniversary12th/gate, and participate in the latest events and giveaways on the official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/webzengames

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