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  • MU Online Unveils New Illusion Knight Character and Speed Server in Season 18 Pa
    July 11 2023
    WEBZEN announced today that its classic PC MMORPG MU Online has received the Season 18 Part 1 Update.
    Season 18 Part 1 adds Illusion Knight: Jacquard, a knight who wields the power of illusion, to the Speed Server. The Illusion Knight summons an Illusion Blade in his left hand to use Skills through various forms of Sword Energy. With a high ATK, players can enhance Skill ATK and ATK through the Dexterity Stat.
    The Season 18 Part 1 includes the opening of four Speed Servers, which were created to help players level up their characters faster and become stronger. Along with the new Speed Server, there are also a lot of events underway.
    Starting from now until August 8, +13[Bound] 3rd Wings and 350,000 Ruud will be unlocked upon reaching level 800. Not only does the server helps characters grow faster, every time their master level character levels up to Lv. 500, 600, 700, and 800, they can earn 10,000 Ruud for every 100 level-up, with a maximum of 40,000 Ruud.
    From July 13 until July 17, players will be able to get free items such as Talisman of Ascension2 and Bless of Light (Greater) for a limited time in the Speed Server In-game shop.
    Moreover, players will receive Tibetton Muun and Bless of Light (Greater) just by playing the game for 40 hours from July 21 through to July 23. 
    Additionally, a level-up ranking event and a first purchase event await all MU Online players all over the world, and a limited-time offer also includes a special deal for the Speed-up package.
    Players will be able to transfer their character from the Speed Server into the original servers for free as well. During the transfer, WEBZEN will be offering special level up rewards such as 350,000 Ruud, 3rd Wings, Bloodangel armor set, Darkangel Soul, and much more based on character level.
    Players will also be able to claim special extra perks including Guardian Elf Muun, Gold Channel Ticket, Skeleton Ring, and more if they complete a mission after the transfer.
    For more details of MU Online Season 18 Part 1 Update and ongoing events, visit the official website: https://muonline.webzen.com/en/events/season18-1/speedserver/benefits and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/MUWEBZEN/

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