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  • MU Archangel’s version 1.19 update introduces the new Fae content
    July 28 2023
    WEBZEN has announced that its mobile MMORPG, MU Archangel, receives its latest 1.19 update today.
    The 1.19 patch allows players to get their hands on a new Fae content, bountiful growth systems, and so much more.
    The new Fae content will be unlocked once players reach level 600 (Master level 200) and open the Corps feature. There are four elements - Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind, and players can find the Fae within the [Mythical Beast] > [Fae] menu.
    When players allow their Fae to join in a PK (Player Killing) battle, they will receive a Spirit Barrier effect that can be applied to PK battles and activate the Type Option Master which contains powerful options based on the star rating of each type's Fae in their main roster.
    Players can also level up, promote, and transcend their Fae to increase its tier and obtain various option effects. Plus, players can even activate the new Fae Codex to grant them powerful options.
    Fae Rune is another way to make their Fae even stronger and it can be equipped in each of the four corresponding slots. Players can acquire their Fae Rune through Corps BOSS content or other events.
    In addition to Fae Rune, upgrading their Fae to a higher star rank will increase its star rating and unlock its special skills, and the higher the star rank, the stronger the special skills unlocked. 
    With this update, the new Costume Codex system where players can organize a collection of costumes and acquire additional Codex options has been also added to the game.
    Furthermore, the new Relic Combination system, increased Max levels and tiers of each content, new items, several tweaks, optimizations, and bug fixes are now available in MU Archangel.
    Meanwhile, MU Archangel is running an in-game event to get 50% Exp buff in Land of Demons, and a special weekly package will be on sale over the weekend.
    MU Archangel’s global version is currently available to download on the Google Play Store and App Store in Southeast Asian countries only, in English, Thai, and Chinese. 
    To learn more about MU Archangel’s latest update, players can visit the official website: https://muarchangel.webzen.com  and join the official Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/MUarchangelSEAofficial for the latest game chats and events. 

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