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  • Special February Event Begins Today on Shot Online
    WEBZEN announced today that the classic Online MMO golf game Shot Online is beginning a special February Event.
    February is a time to spread love, and that is why the Shot Online team has prepared a special Valentine’s Event to show appreciation to all Shot Online golfers. To send out the love, plenty of events are planned out for the whole week to give out special gifts to players.
    During Valentine’s week, a Putting Mini Game is available so that the golfers can be rewarded with EXP boxes, Valentine Ball, Heart Bag Exchange Ticket, and more. All players can also participate in the Caddy Event and give extra EXP to your Caddy to convey your admiration this Valentine’s Day.
    To celebrate Valentine’s Day even more, special events and gifts are ready for this Valentine’s weekend. In addition to the regular weekend EXP, extra EXP will also be given, and the SOM Challenge will be available for players to enjoy. Play Shot Online this Valentine’s weekend to boost up faster and win special prizes by beating SOM.
    After enjoying a week full of love with the Valentine’s Event, do not be disappointed that a fun event has come to an end, because another exciting event is coming right up. The Carnival Event will be beginning on February 17th, which will include Costume Giveaway, Mission Events, and Item Collect & Exchange Event. The carnival will also last for a week, so enjoy a fun February with Shot Online.
    For more information and details on the ongoing events and features, players are invited to visit Shot Online’s official website at: https://shotonline.gamescampus.com/news/events and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/shotonlinegolf/

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