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  • MU Online Kicks Off Second Round of Update Celebration Events
    WEBZEN has launched various new in-game events for its classic PC MMORPG MU Online, along with a renewal of the Magic Gladiator class.
    First, the Magic Gladiator renewal brings changes to enhanced skills and protection with a shield, allowing players to choose between Knight type and Magician type classes for their character. 
    The Knight type Magic Gladiator can choose between a two-hand sword or one-hand sword. For long-ranged attacks, the Magician type is a more adequate fit, as it uses a staff and a shield with enhanced protection.
    To celebrate the Magic Gladiator renewal, players who have Magic Gladiator characters can receive special benefits. First, all stats/3rd skill tree/4th skill tree of the Magic Gladiator will be reset for free.
    Also, the playtime event offers players a chance to receive rewards such as Seal of Ascension 2, Bloodangel Mastery Armors, and Bloodangel Mastery Weapon according to the number of playing hours. 
    During the event period, players who have a Magic Gladiator in their account can receive bonus rewards for buying a package from the special sales list.
    Aside from these events, the Dimensional Roulette Event will be waiting for players to spin the roulette and win incredible prizes, such as the Silver Heart Weapon and Manticore Armor which are the top-tier Mastery items.
    Following the previous Season 16 Part 2 Update, MU Online also continues the celebration with brand new events including the Gun Crusher Skill Tree Reset Event and the Fruit Decrease Stat Reset Event.
    In the game, the special reward items which can be acquired in the Elite Zone of Gray Aida have a doubled drop rate until March 8th. During the event period, monsters on the Gray Aida have 20% reduced HP, and 20% reduced Min/Max Elemental Attack.
    The Mastery Equipment Enchantment Event guarantees that Bloodangel weapon/armor does not disappear in case of +9 to +11 enhancement failure. Also, the Guardian Upgrade Stones which can be acquired from NPC Moss have a doubled drop rate.
    Additionally, players will be able to mount or extract Seed Sphere items for free without using Jewels.
    Along with the Maze of Dimensions Monster EXP boost event, players will get doubled rewards and 30% extra EXP by hunting monsters in the Maze of Dimensions.
    For more of MU Online’s Season 16 Part 2 Update and ongoing events, visit the official website: https://muonline.webzen.com/events/Season16Part2-2/UpdateCelebration and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/MUWEBZEN/

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