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  • WEBZEN introduces the first update “Valley of the Dragonkin” for its PC MMORPG
    March 31 2022
    WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of PC and mobile games, announced that its PC MMORPG ‘SUN Classic’ has gone through its first content update.
    After the maintenance on March 31st, a new area called “Valley of the Dragonkin”, as well as new high-level dungeon named "Trial of Water”, a level cap increase, 4th Equipment as well as other various content has been added to the game.
    The main feature of this update is the “Valley of the Dragonkin”, a new area brimming with volcanos and lava. This is the fourth area that can be accessed in ‘SUN Classic’, and 5 fields, as well as the ‘Dragon Knights Captain’ Final Boss raid has been added to the game along with this content. In the newly added fields and dungeons, you can acquire various items, including new equipment and wing materials, such as the 4th weapon and armor.
    Additionally, the ‘Trial of Water’ Tower, a high-level dungeon of the Cursed Tower, which can be entered starting from level 60, has also been added to the game.
    Finally, the maximum level has been increased from Lv. 60 to Lv. 80. To commemorate the level cap increase, the 4th enhancement of main equipment such as weapons, armor, necklaces, and special accessory materials is also now available.
    Along with the first update, several commemorative events are also awaiting SUN Classic players.
    Firstly, during the “AC Event”, which will be in progress until April 13th, the amount of EXP gained increases by 30% at a certain time every day, and additional rewards are given according to the number of times each dungeon is cleared. Additionally, the ‘80 Level Achievement Reward Event’ will also be held until April 28.
    SUN Classic is available to download and install through a game client which can be found in the official global game portal 'Webzen.com', and directly accessed using a Webzen.com account. Multilingual services are also provided in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and English so that users from different countries can enjoy the game simultaneously in their native language. After that, WEBZEN plans to gradually expand the scope of localization for the official launch in other countries and languages.
    To learn more about SUN Classic, visit the official website: https://sunclassic.webzen.com/ and join the official Taiwan Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/SUNClassicTWoffcial/ or meet over the Discord server at: https://discord.gg/R8xbhRMbyr

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