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  • Shot Online releases its first Major Update of 2024
    May 22 2024
    WEBZEN, publisher of the online free-to-play game portal GamesCampus has announced today that the classic online golf game ‘Shot Online’ has released its first major update of the year, along with various update events.
    The major update presents an exciting addition of the new Club Parts Feature that will help lower the player’s difficulty by strengthening the essential effects. Club Parts ? Slot expansion will be available for players who possess Legend Club with 3 expanded effects. ‘Grip’, ‘Shaft’, ‘Head’ slots can be unlocked progressively through NPC Salvador using ‘Brilliant Legend Hammer’.
    To commemorate the first major update of the year, Shot Online’s team has prepared a total of 9 events that will keep all the golf enthusiasts busy for the months of May and June.
    Starting from today until June 24, players can log in everyday to receive daily rewards such as ‘Star Dust Pouch’ and ‘Blessed Legend Fabric Piece Pouch +20’ through the Update Attendance Event. 
    Next is the Update Holecount Event that will reward players who score 100 and 120 Birdies, and 40 Eagles during the period of the event with an ‘Update Event Box’ that includes ‘Star Dust Pouch’, ‘Superior Courage Token Exchange Ticket’ and many more.
    The Shot Online team also prepared the Trial Club Parts Mission Event for players to enjoy ‘Max Rank Trial Parts’ for 7 days. Players who would like to challenge themselves for these powerful boosting trial parts can complete 18 holes with a score of 67 or higher in the given mission from now until June 9.
    On top of that, players can earn ‘Parts Box Exchange Ticket’, ‘Parts Enhancement Exchange Ticket’, and ‘Parts Option Exchange Ticket’ by completing the 3 missions in the Get Club Parts Ticket Mission Event. The given tickets can be used as material for the Club Parts Craft & Enhance Event. ‘Club Parts Box’, ‘Parts Enhancement Ticket’, and ‘Star Piece’ can be obtained using ‘Parts Box Exchange Ticket’ x2, ‘Parts Enhancement Exchange Ticket’ x2 and ‘Parts Option Exchange Ticket’ x2 respectively.
    Moreover, Shot Online fans should not miss the chance to join the Saint Bay Course Renewal Baxter Tournament and boast their skills, as well as be honored with Rank rewards and Percent rewards such as ‘Fabric Selection Box’ and ‘Valhalla Courage Token Exchange Ticket’.
    The New Bear Guild Room has also been added with this update. Guild members of the guild who won the Bear Guild room will be rewarded with ‘Co-Player Energy 20% [15 DAY] within 7 days after the guild has won the guild room.
    Also, fans can check out the renewed Personal Match that will pamper those who achieved Legend to Gold rank with an additional reward of ‘Brilliant Legend Hammer Piece Pouch’. The ‘Brilliant Legend Hammer Piece’ is an essential material for ‘Brilliant Legend Hammer’ crafting.
    Finally, the Happy Course Extra EXP Event will be running every Friday to Sunday from May 24 to June 23. All players can enjoy a 30% Bonus Happy Course EXP in all modes except Open Championship.
    Shot Online is a massively multiplayer online golf game which has been running for 18 years worldwide. The competitive mechanics and realistic golf gameplay are what make Shot Online the exciting game it is, with community interaction, competitive tournaments and character progression, alongside unique club attributes and enhancements.
    Shot Online is free to download and play on PC at GamesCampus. For more information and details on the latest update and ongoing events, players are invited to visit Shot Online’s official website at: https://shotonline.gamescampus.com/events/en/clubparts and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/shotonlinegolf/

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