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  • Discover the ‘New World’ at CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL
    WEBZEN announced today the release of its new world server update for the strategic action RPG CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9).
    The most notable content in the update is the addition of the New World server. C9 has opened a brand new world on each server. Players who want to experience the untouched world, which is full of adventures, come and discover the New World.
    The C9 team has prepared plenty of in-game events to celebrate the launch of the new server. During the event period, players in the New World will receive extra EXP up to 200%. This is a great chance not only to level up your character faster, but also to win special rewards by participating in the EXP ranking event. The character that achieves the most EXP will win 10 Sacred Enhance Stone (Rank 3), Lucky Stone R2, and much more.
    Additionally, the Insignia Event will be held on both the Old and New World servers. Players will be able to receive the insignia by completing the dungeons. Once the insignia is collected, you can exchange it to a special box that contains various items such as Hernad Material Package, Palladium Ace, and so on. Exchange the insignia as much as you can to be the lucky one to receive the Light Warrior’s Insignia for Weapon Enhancement Package.
    Furthermore, players can visit the official website to participate in the Roulette event. There are three types of roulettes: Free, Sarad, and Hernad. Spin all the roulettes to get the opportunity to win various tickets, items, and points. Also, try to place in the top rank by earning Roulette points to get the exclusive prize.
    To learn more about the update and ongoing events, players can visit the official website: http://c9.webzen.com/events/c9newserver or visit the C9 Official Facebook page to discuss the game or participate in additional events: https://www.facebook.com/C9Webzen/

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