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  • R2M is now open for pre-registration for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao ahead of i
    June 15 2022
    WEBZEN has started a pre-registration event for its upcoming mobile MMORPG, named《R2M: 重燃戰火》in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao.
    This pre-registration stage will be carried out at once for both PC and mobile devices. On the official website(https://r2m.webzen.com.tw/pre-register), players can pre-register for the game and receive a variety of rewards including Colport's Phantom Necklace, 100,000 Gold, and Combat Power Increase Scroll at the start.
    Pre-registration is also available now via the Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webzen.r2mtw.google) on mobile. Those who pre-register will receive an exclusive Servant only for this pre-registration once the game comes out. The pre-registration for iOS user will be followed via Apple App Store later.
    Along with these pre-registration events, the Share Event and Comment Event will be held on the official Facebook community page. Randomly selected winners will receive various in-game rewards such as Shining Jupiter's Contract, Sand of Time Sack, Weapon/Armor/Accessory Enhancement Scroll and more. To join the events, stay tuned for all the latest news and event descriptions on the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/R2MTWofficial/
    R2M is the R2 IP-based MMORPG, available on iOS and Android, developed by WEBZEN Redcore, that comprises the core aspects of the original PC game ‘R2(Reign of Revolution)’ which is a beloved Korean PC online game of over 16 years.
    Under the slogan ‘No Rules, Just Power’, R2M features a unique combat system that inherits R2's Combat and War and the ultimate PVP experience with many potential conflicts that give rise to war at Spots and Sieges on mobile.
    Also, players can not only transform into over 130 transformations to change their character appearance and bring out the power within, but also meet summoned Servants which will accompany them on their adventure.
    In South Korea, R2M already recorded 1 million pre-registered users after three days during the pre-registration period ahead of its launch. After the launch, the game proved to be a hit, placing Top 3 in Google Play's top-grossing chart and Top 4 in Apple Appstore’s top-grossing chart. R2M still continues to rank high in the grossing charts in Korea.
    Meanwhile, WEBZEN unveiled today the official date for the Closed Beta Test of the Taiwanese version of the game《R2M: 重燃戰火》. The CBT will be intended for 10,000 beta testers who will be recruited through a first-come-first-served basis, running for only three days from July 1st until July 3rd. The official launch for Taiwan is scheduled for this coming summer. 
    Further news and information about the game will be revealed in the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/R2MTWofficial/ and the official website at: https://r2m.webzen.com.tw/brand

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