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  • MU Season 18 Part 2 brings Gore Tarkan, Season Pass Event and Tempest Muun
    January 30 2024
    WEBZEN has released MU Season 18 Part 2 for its classic PC MMORPG, MU Online.
    MU Online is the long-running MMORPG which has had countless updates and patches over the years. The latest patch of MU Season 18 Part 2 introduces a new monthly event, MU Season Pass which allows players to complete daily missions to gain Pass experience and level-up their Season Pass for 28 days. Players can acquire reward buffs and items according to the level they reached.
    The update also adds the new Tempest Muun, offering option effects such as Skillpower Increase or Attack/Wizardry/Curse Increase.
    In this update, MU Online introduces an entire new map - Gore Tarkan which is a place covered in bloody sand. Players can use MU Helper Plus to go to the newly added hunting ground and defeat monsters, including Gore Mutant, Gore Bloody Wolf, Gore Beam Knight, and Gore Tantalose. The monsters drop items such as Excellent Apocalypse Armor and Excellent Socket Necklace. 
    MU Season 18 Part 2 has added the new 6th mastery earring, Unity Earring to the game. Players can enhance their Earring up to +15 by using Lapidary Stones and receive Unity Earring Options. 
    To celebrate MU Season 18 Part 2, the MU Online team is running a lot of celebration events.
    Starting from today until February 20, the new map will allow players to collect Elemental Symbols such as Fire and Darkness Symbols from the elemental monsters in the Gore Tarkan. Combing them with the help of NPC Lahap will allow players to acquire the Elemental Box containing rare items such as Errtels, Pentagram and other exclusive items.
    During the event period, +8~+15 accessory upgrade success rate will be increased by 20%. 
    If players reach level 1,500, they will also get a Limited-Edition Rage Fighter Muun Reward through the Gremory case in the Season Level Reward Box.
    At the event page of the official website, there will be the Update Point Shopping Event, giving players a new mission to collect Update Points by logging in to the game for 1 hour to exchange them for Gold Channel Ticket, Wings of Authority, Talisman of Ascension and more. 
    Additionally, the Lapidary Stone Ranking Event will offer players a chance to earn Ranking Points by opening the Lapidary Stone Box, and Top 10 ranked players per week will get the new 6th Mastery Accessory - Earring of Unity.
    For more details of MU Season 18 Part 2 and ongoing events, visit the official website: https://muonline.webzen.com/en/events/season18part2/new and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/MUWEBZEN/

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