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  • The Fastest Way to Level UP at MU Online - New Speed Server Fresei Now Available
    WEBZEN announced today that its classic MMORPG MU Online’s new Speed Server Fresei is now open to all players.
    All players can now enjoy the new Speed Server Fresei and level up their characters. The MU Online team prepared the speed server especially for Mutizens to get ready for the upcoming new server Fresei. After a week of boosting up in the Speed Server Fresei, players will get a special chance to transfer to the new server for free.
    Before transferring to the upcoming new server Fresei, the speed server will provide a wide variety of benefits. At the new Speed Server Fresei, players who have pre-registered are now able to use the items such as the BloodAngel Box, Gold Channel Ticket for 7 days, +9 Divine Archangel Weapon for 3 days, and other items received via coupon during the event period.
    In addition, great rewards obtained through simple tasks await players to add to the fun at the new Speed Server Fresei. Players who reach a certain level will receive the Talisman of Ascension, Armor Set +Luck, Wings +Luck, and much more as rewards to support players during gameplay. Also, as players exceed a certain amount of playtime, gifts such as Elite Mana and Healing Potions, Bless of Light, and more will be given as rewards.
    When transferring to the new server Fresei, which will open up on March 16th, players can claim items such as the Guardian Elf Muun for 30 days, Gold Channel Ticket for 28 days, and more according to their characters’ level. Try to level up your character as much as you can to win a better prize.
    Furthermore, the upcoming new server Fresei will also have plenty of fun events prepared. Players that create a new character at the new server can receive free supplies full of special items. Moreover, during the event period, players can receive the Darkangel Soul, Gold Channel Ticket, Master Scroll Package, and so on simply by levelling up in the new server.
    Many special events and rewards are ready for Mutizens to enjoy at the new Speed Server and the upcoming new server Fresei, so do not miss out on this great opportunity. For more information about the update and ongoing events, check out MU Online’s official website at: http://muonline.webzen.com/events/speedserver/fresei/speedfresei and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/MUWEBZEN/

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