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  • MU Online - Get Special Gift Package for the Upcoming Speed Server NOW
    WEBZEN announced that its classic MMORPG MU Online has begun a special event to get everyone ready for the upcoming Speed Server.
    MU Online offers a special gift to everyone who visits MU Online’s official website. All visitors can claim a gift package filled with items that will support your gameplay in the upcoming Speed Server. The package includes Gold Channel Ticket for 7 days, BloodAngel Box, +9 Divine Archangel Weapon for 3 days, and much more, so receive the package now and prepare for the new Speed Server.
    The upcoming Speed Server will provide a great opportunity to take the fast route to levelling up. Not only the server supports fast growth, but it also rewards players who reach level 700 with great items. Moreover, the Speed Server is back with an all-new system to improve convenience. Two Speed Servers will be opened at the same time so that the players can have enough room to hunt down monsters and level up.
    In addition, the new Speed Server brings better than ever benefits for the players. Previously, the transferring server was designated, however, the MU Online team will now allow players to transfer to any other server of their choice. The best part is that everyone can join in the event, so get ready to enjoy the new Speed Server.
    Furthermore, plenty of special events and rewards are ready for Mutizens at the upcoming new Speed Server. Visit the official website to receive the special gift to prepare for the Speed Server now: https://muonline.webzen.com/events/SpeedServer2021/SneakPeek
    For more information about the update and ongoing events, check out MU Online’s official website at: https://muonline.webzen.com/news/events and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/MUWEBZEN/

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