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  • Black Friday Update Starts Today at CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL
    WEBZEN announced today the Black Friday update of its strategic action RPG CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9).
    C9’s Black Friday update brings plenty of fun for players to enjoy. One of the contents included is the Chaos Arena, which is a new dungeon full of monsters that emerge infinitely from the demolished boundaries of the other world. Defeat as many monsters as possible in the dungeon to reach a certain score or rank and get weekly rewards of Akene Coins and Goddess’s Tears.
    More events are ready in the Chaos Arena, where Boss monsters possess materials for a new accessory called Brooch. The materials earned by defeating the Bosses can be crafted into 3 types of Brooches: Dauntless Brooch, Volitive Brooch and Ardent Brooch. The new accessory will give extra energy on damage and defense to support players when buffing up for fierce battles.
    Alongside the in-game events, the C9 team has also prepared a roulette event on the official website. There are 3 different types of roulettes - Free, Hernad, and Chaos - which present players with great prizes that can be won by simply spinning the roulette. Participate in the event to win the Transcendent Enhance Stone, Permanent P-Rare Skill Book Coupon, Goddess's Tears, and more.
    Furthermore, spinning the roulettes will give players a chance to win more rewards. Each time the players spin the roulettes, ranking points are given. The players with the most accumulated ranking points will be rewarded the special Divine Brooch and other useful items. Try out the roulettes as much as you can to win the best prizes.
    To learn more about the latest update and ongoing events, players can visit the official website: http://c9.webzen.com/events/2020Blackfriday or visit the C9 Official Facebook page to discuss the game or participate in additional events: https://www.facebook.com/C9Webzen/

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