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  • Have a Holly Jolly Christmas with Shot Online
    WEBZEN announced today that the classic Online MMO golf game Shot Online is celebrating the winter holiday season with a special Christmas Event.
    The Shot Online team has prepared a Christmas Event to give players a jolly Holiday season. During the event period, Rudolph Hammers will be given to the golfers who participate in Cumulative Attendance, Daily Holecount, and Weekly Mission Events, Drop Boxes, Putting Mini Game, Holiday Surprise, and more in-game contents. With the Rudolph Hammers received, players can enhance their items through the Mini X-Mas Enhancement Game.
    The Mini X-Mas Enhancement Game is an event held on the official website, and each item on the board can be enhanced up to +5 at maximum. After the item reaches its maximum level, a Christmas Gift will be given as a reward. Various items are packed in the Christmas Gifts, so play and collect as many as Rudolph Hammers as you can to not only enhance your items but also to earn plenty of gifts.
    When enhancing the items on the board for the Mini X-Mas Enhancement Game, it is also possible that the enhancement may fail. However, even if you fail, do not be too disappointed because the Shot Online team has prepared Santa’s Encouragement gifts to spread warm Christmas cheer to everyone. Every time an enhancement fails, Rudolph’s tear drops will be given, and you can exchange them for gifts once enough tear drops are collected.
    Shot Online’s Holiday celebration event starting date varies based on the region; Events will begin in the EU on December 8th (CET), and in the US on December 9th (PST). For more information and details on the ongoing events and features, players are invited to visit Shot Online’s official website at: https://shotonline.gamescampus.com/events/en/christmas and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/shotonlinegolf/

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