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  • Get into the Holiday Spirit with Webzen
    WEBZEN announced that the annual Holiday Event for its global game portal “Webzen.com” begins today.
    Webzen prepared a warm Holiday Event to bring Christmas cheer for the winter holiday. During the event period, everyone is welcomed to visit the Christmas market to receive Christmas gold. The gold collected can be exchanged for Christmas gifts from Santa. The more coins you collect, the better the reward will be, so participate in the event to find a special gift under your tree on Christmas.
    Even more Christmas gold can be earned by visiting Webzen’s official Facebook page, which also has plenty of Christmas-themed events ready. Freebies and Fun Quiz events are organized to offer great in-game items for C9 and MU Online. Also, the Share Event will be held, and the winners will receive Wcoins which can be used to purchase valuable gifts of your choice.
    During the winter holiday season, MU Online will be hosting a festival to give out Christmas gifts. Players can get the chance to win special gifts including Rudolph Pet and Snowman Ring at the Santa Village. In addition, defeating monsters over level 48 will reward players with Ribbon Boxes which are composed of weapons, armors, and much more.
    C9 will also run a Christmas event for players to enjoy. Players can hunt monsters and receive tokens, which can be exchanged for Christmas gifts. The gifts include Christmas items such as gears, buff items, and more.
    Alongside these events, special Holiday top-up bonus up to 30% and extra gifts will also be available. For more details about the Holiday Event, visit the official website: www.webzen.com/events/Christmas2020/, and participate in the latest events and giveaways on the official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/webzengames

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