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    August 14, 2013 (San Jose, Calif.) – WEBZEN, a global leader in next-generation free-to-play games, continues the third expansion for the dungeon-based MMORPG, CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9), by releasing the SIXTH CONTINENT OF RAEBIN. Last month, C9 unleashed a new advanced class for the Shaman – the powerful, orb-wielding DEMONISHER. Starting August 21, 2013 (Global Server Time), players will have a chance to battle the monsters who have invaded RAEBIN, the thrilling new sixth continent of Glenheim. In addition, WEBZEN will also host a massive competition for a brand new Eurocom M3 Gaming Super-Notebook.
    The action continues for CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL! The evil Nefer and his army have invaded the Guardian’s Tower in the SIXTH CONTINENT OF RAEBIN to find Tertis’ Heart, a special power protected by the water dragon, Artesia. To save Glenheim from destruction, C9 players must battle their way through each level of the tower, while fighting off attacks from Nefer’s powerful forces. The Guardian’s Tower features 20 levels and three major dungeons. The first dungeon will be available on August 21, 2013 (GST). The game’s upcoming expansion also features an increased level cap of 65 and a new class of Epic items, which have the potential to overpower other items in the game.
    To celebrate the release of the SIXTH CONTINENT OF RAEBIN, WEBZEN is teaming up with EUROCOM to host a massive monster-hunting competition. After defeating one of the game’s event monsters, C9 players will be rewarded with a chest of items which will contain random items and a special Eurocom coupon. The player with the most coupons by the end of the competition will win a brand new M3 Gaming Super-Notebook, featuring discrete video and extreme processors. 
    Seventy years after the Genesis War, Artesia and the remaining dragons joined forces to seal Tertis (a dragon created by Akene for battle), who went out of control after succumbing to his own power and years of solitude. Each of the six dragons took one of the seals back to their nests in order to protect them. The water dragon, Artesia, grew worried that she would also succumb to her loneliness one day, so she decided to seal her power in the Endor spring on the Sixth Continent of Raebin. She concealed her power, Tertis’ Heart, in a tall tower and placed guardians on each level. For a short time, peace was restored in Raebin. However, the Sixth Continent was eventually invaded by the allied forces of Heike and Nefer. The Endor spring was captured by Heike and the Guardians’ Tower was raided by Nefer, who coveted the heart of Tertis. The mighty guardians were helpless against Nefer, who had already collected four emblems of Tertis. Nefer placed his underlings on each level of the tower, ensuring that no one would stop him as he ascended to the top, where the heart of Tertis lies.
    Check out the trailer for the SIXTH CONTINENT OF RAEBIN: http://youtu.be/IDmhug1SbLY. Information on C9 and the new expansion can be found at http://c9.webzen.com/events/the-third-expansion and on the gPotato portals (http://c9.gPotato.com and http://c9.gpotato.eu).

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