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  • MU ONLINE Reveals Season 8 Part 3 Update
    February 20, 2014 (Dublin, Ireland) – WEBZEN, a global leader in next-generation free-to-play games, revealed Season 8 Part 3 for the full 3D MMORPG, MU ONLINE.
    WEBZEN will unleash the MUNE system, the main feature of the Season 8 Part3 Update, on February 19, 2014 (Global Server Time). The MUNE system will allow players to acquire a new pet and have it level-up together with your own character. Unlike the existing pets, MUNE pets are equipped in a special MUNE-only equipment slot.
    Since each MUNE has a certain skill, life, grade and level, players can enhance a MUNE’s ability to increase their character’s power through its level-up and evolution.
    To celebrate the release of the Season 8 Part 3 update, WEBZEN will begin the following in-game events: 
    What: Eggs of Monster
    When: Feb 19 2014 ~ Mar 5 2014
    Details: Gamers will be hunting event monsters to acquire eggs which contain special items. The three types of event monsters, such as Moon Rabbit, Punch of Blessing and Fire Flame Ghost, will appear periodically in certain hunting grounds. When you throw the egg from the event stash to the ground, the egg will be cracked open. Finally, you will receive a MUNE or one of the reward items.
    What: Evolving MUNE
    When: Feb 19 2014 ~ Mar 5 2014
    Details: Once your MUNE reaches the max level, you can evolve the MUNE and get special rewards. Special rewards will be randomly given to players who evolve their MUNE. Especially, 10 winners who evolve a premium MUNE will receive Blessing of Light that gives a player an additional 200% EXP applied for 30 minutes. 
    Meanwhile, WEBZEN has just launched an item giveaway for both returning players who haven’t logged in to MU Online since January 29, 2014 (Global Server Time) and new players who create a new account. From now through March 5, 2014 (Global Server Time), users can visit any of MU Online’s media partners to obtain a special item key. Players can redeem this code for free in-game rewards worth 130USD, including Gold Channel Ticket (15 Days), Seal of Wealth (15 Days), Seal of Healing (15 Days), Excellent Scroll Package (15 Days), AG Boost Aura (15 Days), SD Boost Aura (15 Days), Rage Fighter Card [1], Summoner Card [1] and more rewards.
    Additional details on the update and events will be available on the MU ONLINE game page: http://muonline.webzen.com/

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