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    April 2, 2013 – WEBZEN Inc., a global leader in next-generation free-to-play games, expands the adrenaline-pumping free-to-play 3D Action MMORPG CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9), in a partnership with the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon.com.
    Gamers will now be able to access CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL through Amazon.com. All services will be hosted and maintained directly by Webzen.com. North American players can use their Amazon accounts to download the game client, purchase W Coins, and play the game on Amazon.com through the C9 product page.
    CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL takes players to the fantasy world of Glenheim, in which they fight against evil forces and gigantic monsters. Utilizing extremely powerful melee, ranged and magical skills, players will fight swarms of evil, demonic forces using FPS style controls in a huge, dungeon-based 3D world.
    Players can create their characters from a choice of four classes, including Fighters, ranged-combat focused Hunters, magic-based Shamans, and Witchblades who combine bladed weapons with magical attacks. Each class has a choice of higher ranked positions which players can evolve into, such as Guardians, Assassins, Illusionists, or Slayers.
    The game is aimed at fans of action RPGs as well as combat and beat’em up games, and offers an extensive combo system, which will spice up combat both in PvE as well as in the multiple styles of PvP conflict. MMO fans can look forward to Relay Matches for up to 16 players, Deathmatches, Team, and Individually Ranked matches, as well as many PK opportunities.
    The world of Glenheim consists of dungeons and instances, allowing chaotic invasions at higher levels. There’s also a special “Hell Mode” instance for the bravest of heroes, granting extremely rare items as precious rewards.
    New players who download the game through Amazon.com will be able to participate in various events to receive free bonuses, gears and additional items that will be released this week.
    More information on CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL can be found on the C9 Web site (http://c9.webzen.com), and the gPotato portals (http://c9.gPotato.com and http://c9.gpotato.eu).

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