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  • CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL - Renewed Arena Ranked Battle Now Live
    September 24 2020
    WEBZEN announced today the renewal of the Arena system of its strategic action RPG CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9).
    C9’s PvP content, the Arena system, has been updated to offer players an enhanced game experience. The all-new Arena now has two types of battles: Normal and Ranked. The Normal Battle has the same settings and matches as the previous Arena, and the Ranked Battle is the newly added content in the update.
    The Ranked Battles will run on a seasonal basis, where each season has 13 rounds. Once the players win the Ranked Battle round, the Winning Point will be obtained, which will determine the Round Ranking and Division. Rewards such as Goddess’s Tears and Reward Points will be given to the players who participate.
    Moreover, there are more contents for the players to enjoy in the Ranked Battles. Players can predict and vote for the winner of each round. Both the voters and the players who received the votes will be given Reward Points. In addition, observation mode is available for the players to watch the battles and cheer for their supported team. Observing and cheering will also offer special rewards if the team being cheered wins the match.
    To learn more about the latest update and ongoing events, players can visit the official website: http://c9.webzen.com/news/webzen%20note/28244/c9-webzen-note-arena-reworked or visit the C9 Official Facebook page to discuss the game or participate in additional events: https://www.facebook.com/C9Webzen/

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