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  • Celebrating Third year Anniversary of Archlord
    October 20 2012
    WEBZEN Inc. (WWW.WEBZEN.COM), the Next Generation of Free-to-Play Online Games, will be celebrating 3rd year anniversary of Archlord.
    Webzen has serviced Archlord worldwide since October 2009, and it has been receiving increasing recognition from a vast number of MMORPG users for its various PvP contents and the recent introduction of the new expansion 'The Dark Revelation'.
    Starting from October 17th (GST), Webzen will give out limited royal cloak which is specially designed for the 3rd year anniversary to show appreciation of dedicated Archlord players’ continuous support. Also, various events including increased experience and drop rates and massive cash item giveaway are scheduled.
    Additionally, “Archlord Spooky Pumpkin Night” Halloween event will be running until November 22nd (GST). Players will be able to create Pumpkin Heads by hunting pumpkin-marked monsters for special buffs and benefits. And only during the event period, limited Dark Pumpkin head costume will be available for players to receive two different titles for additional bonus effects.
    Meanwhile, Archlord’s major expansion ‘The Black Revelation’ has been updated last month which the ‘Shrine’ battle system is receiving extended interest and positive feedback from the players. The renewed cities and the skill rebalance updates in the expansion have created a new attraction for both existing and new players. 
    Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said “We would like to thank all Archlord players for the continuous support and dedication for the past years.” He also said, “To show our appreciation, we would like to continue providing players with exciting and various events.”
    More information about Archlord can be found at the official homepage. (http://archlord.webzen.com/main)

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