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  • Who will be the C9 and AC World Champions at G-Star?
    November 05 2012
    WEBZEN Inc. (WWW.WEBZEN.COM), the Next Generation of Free-to-Play Online Games, will be hosting ‘Continent of the Ninth Seal’ (C9) and ‘Arctic Combat’ (AC) World Championship finals at Korea’s biggest game show, G-Star 2012.
    Since July 2012, WEBZEN has been running online and offline C9 and AC tournaments in the Americas and Europe region to select the teams that will represent each region to participate in the World Championship Finals held at G-Star from November 8th through November 9th (GST). All region finalists will gather at Busan, Korea to compete to be named as the World Champion. 
    The Championship finals will begin with the Military FPS, Arctic Combat, where the finalist teams ‘eaazy’ and ‘For Bianca’ will be competing against each other. The winning team of the finals will win cash prize of $3,000. The match will be 5 verses 5, held under ‘Search and Destroy’ match mode for 8 rounds each in three different maps.
    Also, for the C9 World Championship tournament, the five region finalist teams which consist of 20 players gathered from the Americas, Europe, China, Japan, and Korea will be participating in both individual and team matches. The winning team of the team tournament will win cash prize of $10,000 while all participants will also get various prizes such as high-end laptop, graphic cards, and many more.
    Additionally, there will be various exciting events with prizes in between the tournament matches for the audiences. The tournament matches and events will be live streamed through WEBZEN’s Global Service Portal (www.webzen.com).
    Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said, “We are highly anticipating for the World Championship after months of preparation for this year’s tournament.” He also said, “We are always looking forward to interact with our players through exciting online and offline events.”
    More information about ‘C9’ and ‘AC’ tournaments held in G-Star can be found at the official WEBZEN website (www.webzen.com).

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