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  • Arctic Combat WWIII Outbreaks for Official Launch
    December 13 2012
    December 13, 2012 - WEBZEN Inc. (WWW.WEBZEN.COM), the Next Generation of Free-to-Play Online Games, announced the start of the official launch for the multiplayer online tactical FPS game, ‘ARCTIC COMBAT’.
    On December 13th, Arctic Combat will officially launch for both Europe and North America. With the launch, WEBZEN has added new content to the game, including a new Rocket Only sub-mode, where the only weapon allowed is a Rocket Launcher, and a new map, “Big Bang,” which is available exclusively for this new mode. Arctic Combat Veterans now have additional new equipment to customize their weapons, by modifying them with desert paint and Eotech holographic scopes.
    Additionally, for competitive Veterans League WEBZEN is starting the first rounds of the 2nd World Championship – a global tournament that will pit clan vs. clan, then country vs. country, culminating in an epic battle between the very best from North America against Europe’s finest Veterans. Applications for the tournament will start in December, and the qualifying round is scheduled to begin early in January 2013. Participation details can be soon found at the official AC website (ac.webzen.com).
    "We want to thank our community for this great support during the open beta as we are excited to officially launch the game", says Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing. “For the competitive community, we look forward to delivering news about a series of eSports tournaments featuring Arctic Combat.”
    More information on the modern military FPS game ‘ARCTIC COMBAT’ can be found on the official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ArcticCombat) and website (ac.webzen.com).

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