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  • Enjoy the Hot Summer with Webzen’s Annual Summer Event
    WEBZEN announced today the start of the annual Summer Event of its global game portal Webzen.com during which online games MU Online, C9, Flyff and Rappelz will be holding plenty of events for players to enjoy.
    Webzen will be hosting a water park theme event to make the Summer Event special. During the event period, all Webzen.com users are welcome to visit the official website to freshen up with delicious smoothies. Players can exchange smoothies for special rewards and visit the Webzen official Facebook page to earn different types of smoothies.
    Additionally, Webzen games will be running individual in-game events. MU Online opened the new Speed Server last week, where special events are made available to users such as coupon giveaways, playtime events and the chance to try out the new character Slayer. Participate in the events to win Gold Channel Tickets (7 days), Blood Angel Boxes, +9 Divine Archangel Weapons (3 days) and much more.
    During the event period, C9 will be holding an Insignia Collecting Event. Players can earn Insignia Boxes by clearing the dungeons in the continents. Insignias will appear randomly in the boxes and can be combined to make Decorated Insignia Chests filled with items such as Palladiums, Ores and Spellstones.
    In Flyff, players can take part in the new Wedding Event by defeating monsters to get special quest items. Collect as many items as possible to complete the wedding fashion set and ring.  In Rappelz, monsters will be dropping refreshing ice at designated locations during the event period. The ice can be exchanged for special boxes containing various items such as the Swimsuit Set, buff cards and more.
    Alongside these events, Webzen will be running exciting events on its official Facebook page to give out gifts for the summer. One Quiz Event for each participating game and a “Farewell Code” giveaway event will be hosted on the Facebook page, giving players the opportunity to receive in-game items such as the Deva’s Blessing, Pride of Victory, Rune: Halloween Ghost Set Box, Talisman of Ascension II, Wizard's Ring, and Bless of Light. Players can also participate in the Share Event to earn Wcoins, Webzen’s in-game virtual currency. Check out the official Facebook page for more information: www.facebook.com/webzengames
    Lastly, a top-up bonus of up to 30% and extra rewards will be available for the entire 15 days of the Summer Event. For more details, visit the official website: www.webzen.com/events/Summer2020

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