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  • MU Origin Greets 4th Anniversary with Nobility System
    WEBZEN released the latest 14.0 update and announced the upcoming 4th Anniversary of its mobile MMORPG MU Origin.
    The 14.0 update mainly focuses on making the players even stronger. The new Nobility system enhances Reverse effects, which are unlocked after players reach Reverse level 30. The system has 9 Nobility Grades ranging from Novice to Emperor. As the player progress through each class, they can level up Nobility Skills to use against Nobility Bosses. Also, Nobility Equipment consisting of helmet, armor, gloves, and more will be included. Equip all parts of the Nobility Set to become even more powerful.
    Based on the Nobility class, the Nobility Dungeon consisting of Bosses with different properties, can be unlocked. The players can participate either alone or as a party to enter the dungeon and to defeat the Bosses. Defeating the Bosses will reward players with various gifts. Furthermore, Diabolic Scrolls can be acquired in the dungeon, which can then be used to increase the level of Reverse Hero Nobility. After unlocking the content, heroes can also use special skills to stun the Nobility Boss.
    Alongside the update, the MU Origin team organized a special event to celebrate the 4th Anniversary of MU Origin from July 25th to August 2nd. During the event period, every player will get the chance to acquire 4th Anniversary skins and items, including wing costumes, titles, footprints, and accessories. Additional rewards, enhancement events, and much more will be 
    prepared to thank the 6 million players worldwide.
    Also, various improvements have been made, such as the addition of barriers to the Battle of Olympus. For more details, the MU Origin 14.0 Update Trailer is now available on the official WEBZEN YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/sNATSqHnJWw
    MU Origin is available for free in both the App Store and Google Play. For more information on new features and events, players are invited to check out MU Origin's official website at: http://muorigin.webzen.com, and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/MUOriginWEBZEN/

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