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  • Shot Online Summer Splash Update Now Live
    WEBZEN released the Summer Splash update of its classic Online MMO golf game Shot Online.
    The Summer Splash update that will cool off the summer heat is ready for Shot Online golfers to enjoy. During the event period, the Shot Online official website will be running a fun event where players can throw dart items to pop water balloons. The more water balloons you pop, the more gifts you can get.
    Players can receive the darts through participating in in-game events that the Shot Online team has organized, especially for the players. There are several ways to acquire darts. Players can open the Trophy for SOGA, join the Scavenger Hunt, and achieve 25,000 birdies in the Collaboration Event to earn darts. Darts can also be acquired daily through attendance, hole counts, mission events, and more. 
    Once you have popped all the water balloons on the board, you can always reset the board to keep popping more during the event period. Try to pop as many balloons for a chance to receive the Lucky Reset Rewards. They will be given to those who reset the board 5, 10, and 15 times. Plenty of events will be held in Shot Online this summer, so play the game and do not miss the chance to receive special gifts.
    The date for the update varies based on the region; Updates will be ready in the EU on July 28th (CET), and the US on July 29th (PST). For more information and details of the latest update, features, and ongoing events, players are invited to visit Shot Online’s official website at: https://shotonline.gamescampus.com/events/en/waterballoon and join the official Facebook community at: https://www.facebook.com/shotonlinegolf/

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